Meet the Most Comprehensive Database Performance Platform.

Bring together every database — from cloud and on-prem —
in one place that’s easy to understand.

Designed for the “accidental” database administrator

Let’s be honest, most of us have inherited a database administrator gig. Either you’re a dev that’s deployed a new database platform to support your application and now you’ve got to troubleshoot. Or you’re dedicated database administrator, familiar with a few platforms that’s been asked to work on one or more of the many number of new data platforms. We know. We’ve been there.

So we—a team of DBAs and devs with more than a decade of database monitoring experience—set out to change all that by building the most comprehensive database performance platform in the industry.


DBA-Designed Features

SelectStar normalizes all database platform types into a single, simplified dashboard and includes built-in expert recommendations for every database in your environment. You’ll see new instances the instant your developers spin them up. And you’ll know which databases have critical issues before your application owner notices.

Closeup of SelectStar database monitoring query graph
SelectStar relationship mapping shows ties between database, clusters, VMs and cloud infrastructure

How to get better database performance in as little as 20 minutes.

The more databases and infrastructure you connect to SelectStar, the more we can help you do.

1. Create your free account

It’s free and easy to get started, and we cover nearly every database in production. In just minutes, you’ll see personalized recommendations on how to improve your database performance.

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2. Install the agentless collector

SelectStar is a SaaS-based monitoring solution which means you don’t have to install or update any software. Our lightweight collector is the only thing you will need to install. From your Hadoop clusters, RDBMS databases and cloud infrastructure to virtual machines and more—we’ll passively collect your meta data in real-time.

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3. Configure your databases

Because SelectStar sees your entire data layer, it will automatically prioritize your immediate actions. We analyze thousands of datapoints—then make recommendations will boost performance and availability most based on your organization’s policies and the specific database and infrastructure best practices.


4. Connect your infrastructure

Database performance issues don’t happen in a vacuum, so SelectStar also tracks key metrics from the underlying infrastructure—including VMware, AWS and Azure—and catches potential performance slowdowns before they become a bigger issue.

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5. See your first score and take action

SelectStar’s scoring badges give you an instant assessment of your organization’s overall data health. You’ll receive your first insights within 20 minutes. Have more questions?

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