SelectStar Key Features

The only database monitoring solution designed to go deep into today’s modern data tier — learn more about our most requested features.

Intelligent Alerts

Are your queries running too slow? Do your end user environments lag? SelectStar enables you to set your alerts based on organizational priorities and automatically send them to the responsible team member. View the issue tracker to see every alert on a single screen, or opt to receive immediate notification. Worried about alert fatigue? We’ve got you covered — SelectStar’s intelligent alerts feature everything you expect and more, extended for the cloud.

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Expert Recommendations

The next generation data tier requires advanced monitoring capabilities. Build and manage your own best practices, spend less time tracking down configuration changes and leverage a single console to improve your data infrastructure. SelectStar’s expert recommendations can be used in combination with the Universal Time Series Selector, which enables you to drill down based on a specific time period. Leverage our query plan functionality and event feed to dig deeper into key recommendations and what it means for your databases’ performance.

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Relationship Mapping

Figuring out the root-cause of the issue can drain time and resources. Leveraging Relationship Mapping in SelectStar, you can eliminate the complexity of clusters and nodes. Drill into specific clusters and nodes to view dependencies and identify troublesome components impacting performance and consistency. Combined with our dashboards, relationship mapping makes it easy to visualize your database infrastructure and simplify troubleshooting.

Smart Analysis

SelectStar’s smart analysis capabilities provides high-level insight into your database ecosystem and granular detail of specific database instances. Using our Universal Time Series Selector, compare performance over time or create group experiments to identify key issues impacting performance. As a result, you can see the details that matter most to drive better performance across your database solutions.

API Integration

Whether you need to add new databases or push an alert to your favorite ticketing system, SelectStar’s seamless API Integration makes it easy to do so without requiring extra time and resources from your team. Transform SelectStar into an information portal to gather, analyze and manage all of your database data, and leverage key functionality to share this insight to drive better visibility across your organization.


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