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Dynamic Database Dashboard

See which databases need attention now with our prioritized list of database cards and customized health grades.

Sample database health score on SelectStar
SelectStar home screen assessing overall database environment

Actionable Alerts

Know your next steps the minute an issue arises with intelligent alerts that tell you exactly how to resolve the issue immediately.

Manage all alerts in a single location. Easily disable alerts for your dev environment or other less-critical resources.

sample SelectStar alerts and recommendations
SelectStar database monitoring alerts and recommendations are prioritized

Industry Leading Data Depth & Historics

Identify your databases’ ideal configurations and supporting infrastructure requirements based on up to 6 months of actual usage data. Troubleshoot using to-the-minute query metadata.

Closeup of a Selectstar query chart
Closeup of a SelectStar relationship map

Enterprise-Class Support

Get help when you need it using our 24/7/365 individualized technical support.

SelectStar support is online or via phone 24/7


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