SelectStar is the first database performance platform to provide high-level and deep-dive metrics for both Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

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Prevent Throttling and Oversubscription

Monitor Amazon read/write unit capacity and Azure  DTU and Elastic Pool usage to avoid performance penalties. Our relationship scaling feature includes key metrics on the underlying infrastructure.

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Sample SelectStar database monitoring DBA-designed alerts

Have an Answer for Every Query

Don’t stop a Amazon Cloudwatch. Get query-level details for all your Amazon and Azure databases. Use the query deep-dive dashboard to get a to-the-minute assessment of every query in context with your entire database ecosystem.

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Sample SelectStar database monitoring DBA-designed alerts

Maintain your (Mean Time To) Innocence

Proactively repair cloud database performance and availability issues before they trigger an APM alert. Report on query by name, average wait time, current wait time and lock time, executions, warnings and errors for every instance your developers spin up.

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Sample SelectStar database monitoring DBA-designed alerts


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