Redis Performance Monitoring

Dive deeper on memory, connections, data persistence and replication than any other database or application performance monitoring solution on the market.


Pinpoint Redis performance issues immediately

Resource issues and unforeseen problems with the database’s supporting infrastructure impact performance and availability for end users. SelectStar enables you to troubleshoot slowdowns using the most comprehensive memory and connection metric set in the industry.

Make sure Redis data is always available

Your hottest Redis data probably only exists within Redis. That makes it extremely important to maintain high availability and, if you’re transferring data to another NoSQL database, data persistence. SelectStar allows you to maximize data persistence by providing you 8.5x more coverage on key RDB and AOF disk storage metrics. Plus, you’ll know the second your replication lag gets too long. SelectStar tracks 38% more replication stats than other performance monitoring platforms.

Right-size your resources based on actual Redis usage

The trade off to Redis very high write and read speed is the fact that you need to keep a close eye on available memory. At the same time, if you don’t have Redis configured correctly, you could be paying for a lot more memory than you need. SelectStar ensures you won’t overprovision Redis and gives you the historical trend data to help you accurately determine when you’ll need to add more or adjust your subscription tier.

Free Redis Performance Monitoring



Expert Recommendations

Advise you how to resolve memory issues or misconfigurations impacting Redis performance.

Intelligent Alerts

Quickly flags changes in critical replication, AOF and RDB functions, and critical memory and connection issues.

Relationship Mapping

Visualizes key relationships between all master and slave nodes and the underlying infrastructure that supports them.

Advanced Analytics

Gives you the power to to drill down from cluster roll-ups into individual nodes.

Dashboard-ready API

Connects SelectStar data into your preferred data visualization or APM tool.

Use Cases

Performance Monitoring

Dig into query volume and performance, number of connections, CPU load and other key stats to understand resource contention issues

Availability Monitoring

Keep an eye on keyspace, connections and hit rates along and other metrics adding to replication lag.

Error Detection

Quickly identify keyspace misses, rejected connections and node misconfigurations before they cause a problem.

Persistence Monitoring

Dive deeper on AOF and RDB functions critical to recording an accurate transaction history.

Resource Planning

Use historical trend data and threshold alerts to avoid resource constraints before Redis starts evicting keys and rejecting connections.

Comprehensive Database Management

Take the work out of managing multiple database technologies supporting different applications and business teams, whether big data analytics, mobile and web apps, or enterprise backends. See everything from one unified perspective.


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