PostgreSQL Database Performance Monitoring

SelectStar provides deeper metrics and longer historical detail than any Postgres monitoring solution on the market.


See the big picture and the small details

PostgreSQL’s open-source roots can make it challenging to implement enterprise-wide performance monitoring. A disconnect between the database and OS can make correlating database and server events challenging–particularly at enterprise-scale. SelectStar’s out-of-the-box dashboards give you a comprehensive view of your entire PostgreSQL environment, including the underlying infrastructure. And it’s easy to go from a global view to see how hard a particular table is being hit, and if it’s using indexes or table scans.

See Slowdowns Sooner

If you rely on PostgreSQL and your operating system metrics to monitor your environment, you might be missing some critical details that can help you identify and resolve issues before they arise. It’s not enough to know if your queries executed OK. SelectStar provides more metrics per database characteristic than any other PostgreSQL monitoring solution on the market.

Apply the latest best practices

When will you need more disk space? What’s the best time to VACUUM? Storage planning can be challenging in PostgreSQL. SelectStar improves capacity planning–allowing you to map database metrics and operating system activity using the longest set of historical data available. What’s more, SelectStar recommendations automatically keep you up on evolving best practices, which can be hard to do with open-source based technologies like PostgreSQL.

Free PostgreSQL Database
Performance Monitoring



Query Deep Dive

Isolate any query for detailed analysis. Get graphs of query-specific metrics and see its full logical text.

Advanced Analytics

Drill down into hundreds of metrics on queries, databases, process, disk and CPU.

Centralized Collector

Simplify installation and administration with a single, agentless collector that accesses your traditional, NoSQL, cloud and distributed databases -- and everything in between.

Expert Recommendations

Use embedded expertise to keep up on evolving best practices, improve infrastructure configurations and maximize PostgreSQL performance.

Time-based Analysis

View historical query and usage trends over a week to compare performance impacts before and after changes.

Configuration Overview

See all configurations for your database and quickly search for important changes, like autovacuums

Activity Overview

Know exactly when to dive into a performance issue by using the time-stamped alert triggers and resolved recommendations to isolate your time frame down to the exact minute.

Use Cases

Change Analysis

Instantly share database performance impacts after every code update with your admins and developers.

Proactive Remediation

Quickly identify misconfigurations on your PostgreSQL servers and database schemas before they cause a problem.

Real-Time Analytics

Keep an eye on queries hitting your PostgreSQL database from your applications.

Trend Analysis

Predict future needs more accurately by charting performance metrics storage usage, memory usage, I/O traffic and more.

Performance Tuning

Dig into table performance to understand index usage and resource contention.


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