Hadoop Performance Monitoring

Enterprise-class monitoring for your entire Hadoop ecosystem


Shift to Service-Oriented Monitoring

Monitoring Hadoop requires a different mindset than monitoring a typical database—DataNodes and NodeManagers shouldn’t be treated like traditional hosts or you’ll be buried in alerts. SelectStar filters out all the unnecessary noise–like if a single worker node fails, and helps you focus on the service-level metrics that matter most–like NameNode failures.

Monitor Your Entire Ecosystem

The best way to optimize your Hadoop monitoring is to monitor the specific technologies that make up your Hadoop ecosystem, like HDFS and YARN. SelectStar continually tracks key metrics on NameNodes, DataNodes, ResourceManagers, NodeManagers, as well as the underlying infrastructure that supports them.

Keep Hadoop Clusters Healthy

Many teams don’t have enterprise-class monitoring for technologies with open-source roots like Hadoop. That makes it extremely difficult to understand the root cause when issues arise. SelectStar finds latent and emerging availability problems and helps you resolve those issues quickly.

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Performance Monitoring



Deep Dive Dashboards

Drive better analysis as you drill-down into critical details about blocks, applications and containers.

Advanced Analytics

Compare hundreds of advanced analytics, including HDFS and YARN metrics side-by-side.

Intelligent Alerts

Leverage intuitive alerts based on industry standards and expert analysis, or customize them based on your own organizational preferences.

Auto Discovery and Recommendations

Never miss a node with auto-discovery of Hadoop NodeManagers and DataNodes. Use SelectStar’s built-in best practice recommendations to bullet-proof your Hadoop architecture.

Relationship Mapping

Know where to grow with relationship maps that pinpoint dependency bottlenecks. Drill into key metrics on the underlying VMware, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure infrastructure supporting your database.

Use Cases

Real-Time Analytics

Get insight into key metrics such as bytes written and read-per-cluster. Manage the overall health of Hadoop environments.

Node Discovery

Auto-discover Hadoop NodeManagers and DataNodes.

Cluster Planning

Know exactly which nodes have the infrastructure to scale without performance penalties.

Rapid Troubleshooting

Take pinpoint problems faster and more accurately with comprehensive health dashboards, giving you the option to drill further into key metrics.

Comprehensive Database Management

Take the work out of managing multiple database technologies supporting different applications and business teams, whether big data analytics, mobile and web apps, or enterprise backends. See everything from one unified perspective.


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