Couchbase Performance Monitoring

From bucket to node, see how to drive better performance across your Couchbase resources


Deep Monitoring for Buckets and Nodes

With SelectStar, go deeper than any other monitoring tool on the market to truly understand how your buckets and nodes are performing. Set alerts and notifications to receive immediate indication the moment performance starts to go awry to get ahead of the alert storm.

Query Engine Performance

Dive deeper into queries performed across your Couchbase environment, with the ability to track both active and historical queries. Leverage SelectStar’s advanced analytics dashboards to see key query metrics like latency, prepared statements and requests.

Extensive Insight into Data Bucket Operations

Understand how your data bucket operations perform, starting with the drain rate and specifically highlighting current connections, cache miss ratio and item count. With the ability to view specific data bucket operations metrics for your Couchbase environment, garner control across your clusters, database configuration and overall operations.

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Performance Monitoring



Query Deep Dive

Dive deeper into your queries with a report listing query by name, average wait time, current wait time as well as lock time, executions, warnings and errors.

Advanced Analytics

Drill into advanced analytics to augment your monitoring and focus on key performance factors.

Intelligent Alerts

Know your next steps the minute an issue arises with intelligent alerts that provide the context needed and suggest how to resolve the issue.

Expert Recommendations

Extend monitoring to the next level with the ability to use built-in recommendations to proactively repair issues before the system triggers an alert.

Use Cases

Real-Time Analytics

Leverage SelectStar for real-time metrics across your Couchbase resources to support responsive system reliability management.

Cluster and Node Visibility

Gain deep insight into the core of your Couchbase platform with key performance metrics detailing cluster and node saturation. Identify configurations inhibiting performance so you can prevent over-provisioning--especially in elastic cloud environments.

Data Bucket Operations

Understand how your data bucket operations perform to improve and optimize your database caching, consistency and replication configurations.

Query Performance

Dig deeper into your Couchbase database queries to pinpoint problematic N1QL requests causing issues for your applications -- making it easier to troubleshoot.

Comprehensive Database Management

Take the work out of managing multiple database technologies supporting different applications and business teams, whether big data analytics, mobile and web apps, or enterprise backends. See everything from one unified perspective.


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