Cloud Database Performance Monitoring

Meet the first database performance platform to provide high-level and deep-dive metrics for hybrid cloud environments


Prevent Throttling and Oversubscription

Cloud databases provide the biggest cost advantages when you can accurately predict your actual usage. But the limits of some monitoring tools make it difficult to track historical resource utilization. SelectStar keeps an eye on AWS read/write unit capacity and Microsoft Azure DTU and Elastic Pool usage to help you stay within your service tier and avoid performance penalties. It also provides you with up to one year of historical data for better capacity planning and budgeting.

See Cloud Databases More Clearly

Cloud databases–like those on Amazon RDS–cannot be monitored the same way as their on-premises counterparts. Because cloud database monitoring and management data can be stored in different places, native tools like CloudWatch may only give you a portion of the details you need. What’s more, each cloud installation exposes metrics a little differently. SelectStar weaves together data from your cloud database and cloud infrastructure accounts into a single, consistent interface so you can pinpoint issues more accurately.

Unify Monitoring in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Cloud database adoption may be growing rapidly, but for now, most of us are running some cloud databases and others in on-premises environments. Unfortunately, this can mean navigating between multiple database monitoring tools, trying to piece together a comprehensive view of your database ecosystem. SelectStar covers more than any other database performance monitoring platform–up to 95% of in-production databases–which means you’ll get a single view of all of your databases and a prioritized list of actions for your entire data layer.

Free Cloud Database Performance Monitoring



Auto Discovery

Automatically find any RDS instance your developers spin up. Reveal new database instances and add them to SelectStar with a click of a button.

Consolidated Control

See database health, alerts and recommendations in a single dashboard that remains consistent regardless of where your databases reside, or how your cloud platforms natively provide the information.

Expert Recommendations

Learn how you can improve your database performance with insights that take into consideration the best practices for your specific cloud infrastructure and database platforms.

Intelligent Alerts

Catch issues in your hybrid-cloud data layer before they hit production.

Time-based Analysis

Chart historical cloud database usage trends over a specific period, by the hour, day or even week.

Infrastructure Relationships and Details

Explore the relationships between AWS/Azure instances and your databases. Dig into your underlying cloud infrastructure to see how storage and CPU utilization are impacting database performance.

Use Cases

Real-Time Analytics

Report on query by name, average wait time, current wait time and lock time, executions, warnings and errors for every instance.

Proactive Remediation

Proactively repair latent cloud database performance and availability issues before they trigger alerts in AWS CloudWatch, Microsoft Application Insights or APM tools.

Capacity Planning

Analyze historical usage data to better plan for future capacity and budgets. Ensure elastic resources are consumed as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive Dashboarding

See a consolidated view of your on-premises and cloud databases on a single pane of glass.

Performance Tuning

Share details on other key metrics like network throughput, disk, IOPS and configuration details with your developers, so they can improve application performance.


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