Cassandra Performance Monitoring

Ditch the command lines and take control of Cassandra performance, availability and capacity planning.


Maximize Cassandra Performance

Cassandra is known for its resiliency and rapid writes. But to operate at peak performance, you’ll want to keep an eye on reads and writes, as well as capacity. SelectStar gives you visibility to read/write latency and disk usage (by cluster and node), so you’ll understand how active your cluster is and exactly how much more it can take.

Troubleshoot Cassandra Clusters Faster

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact root case of problems and bottlenecks in a distributed environment. Use our built-in dashboards and entity relationship mapping to pinpoint issues within your clusters, faster. Then, dive deep into the individual node, keyspace or table metrics.

Monitor the Right Metrics

Digging deep into key database metrics like memory, latency, and load is still important with this NoSQL database, but SelectStar also includes key metrics unique to Cassandra–like Java Virtual Machine (JVM) garbage collection, heap size and usage, compaction and gossip performance.

Free Cassandra Database
Performance Monitoring



Metrics at Every Level of Your Database

Drive better performance with easy and intuitive access to performance and utilization metrics from cluster to table. Analyze critical performance characteristics like reads, flushes, mutations and throughput across your entire data model over time.

Expert Recommendations

SelectStar suggests helpful tips to improve the reliability and performance of your database by continuously comparing your environment against industry best practices.

Intelligent Alerts

Know when and where your Cassandra environment needs attention before it compromises your performance to your end users. Define alerts for any metric and customize trigger rules to avoid alert-fatigue. Assign alerts to specific team members.

Relationship Mapping

Quickly navigate through your entire data model with SelectStar’s visual entity relationship mapping. See every entity’s dependencies and identify troublesome components impacting performance and consistency.

Use Cases

Real-Time Analytics

Manage the overall health of your database at-a-glance, in real-time. SelectStar’s unique agentless data collection streams immediate insight into operational metrics such as threading, caching, client requests, memory and load.

Proactive Remediation

Identify issues that have yet to bubble to the surface using expert recommendations and built in best-practices.

Saturation and Capacity Management

Scale nodes up and down based on clear capacity signals, and pre-empt cluster saturation while reducing over-provisioning costs. Leverage SelectStar’s API to integrate DevOps tools and automate provisioning.

Performance Tuning

Quickly identify which keyspace are having per-node bottlenecks.

Comprehensive Database Management

Take the work out of managing multiple database technologies supporting different applications and business teams, whether big data analytics, mobile and web apps, or enterprise backends. See everything from one unified perspective.


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