More Ties & Less T-Shirts Shows Focus on Digital Transformation at Cloud Expo 2017

Looking back at a busy Cloud Expo Europe, digital transformation continues to grow. It isn’t just the IT team that finds it interesting, but the rest of the business does, too. Whether you explored the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data or Cloud sections of the show, IT has become much more than just supporting the business.

Today, IT drives the business. Executives have come to realise the opportunities that come with IoT, Big Data and Cloud. As a result, Cloud Expo boasts a crowd with more shirts and ties, upping the dress code and stakes for what defines IT success.

The data layer offers significant business value in a world where employees demand real-time analytics and customers expect a personalized interaction. During the show, I had an opportunity to present about some of the key trends in the industry in my presentation, “Monitoring Health & Performance of Big Data Environments” (you can view the slides here in case you missed it). In my experience, I notice that many organizations don’t have a good grasp on the health of their big data analytics environment until there’s a problem.

This issue has evolved as organizations branch out to new database types, like distributed architectures like Hadoop. As a result, database management takes significantly more time and resources to manage a more complex data environment. Potential problems often fly under the radar until they happen and when they do occur, teams struggle to find the cause in a timely manner, resulting in increased troubleshooting times. I’ve noticed this trend for some time, and it drove a significant amount of conversations at this year’s Cloud Expo.

During the show, SelectStar also announced our partnership with the virtualization consultancy and solutions provider, Xtravirt. Xtravirt boasts extensive expertise in taking companies through the digital transformation journey. Our partnership will continue to support our EMEA customers and business growth.

As the industry continues to grow and change, we are excited to continue to drive a solution that meets the dynamic needs of today’s organizations. If you did not receive a free trial card at Cloud Expo, head on over to our website to register for one today.


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