Man monitoring DynamoDB using SelectStar

Monitoring the Health and Performance of Big Data Environments

In today’s digital world, more organizations seek solutions that can handle the large amounts of data generated, most of which requires a different infrastructure than what was previously used in the past. Not only do these environments need to handle large quantities of data, the data sets need to be accessed quickly to feed essential decisions to the organization. To meet these demands, more organizations are seeking big data database solutions like Apache Hadoop, Cassandra and MongoDB.

For many organizations, distributed data architectures like Hadoop and in-memory databases like Redis have become the backbone of an increasingly important data analytics engine that informs critical business applications, often complementing more traditional database solutions to create a heterogenous solution that meets today’s dynamic business needs.

However, an analytics application is only as good as the data it depends on, and many organizations don’t have a good grasp on the health of their environments until there’s a problem. Database administrators previously used to be the champion of one traditional database like Oracle, but now have to manage a multitude of different systems — layering on additional challenges for administrators as they manage different database solutions and environments.

Check out my video on how you can improve your monitoring for the health and performance of big data environments:


As you can see, SelectStar offers a comprehensive database monitoring solution to give you necessary insight into how your environments are performing. From its intuitive installation to its smart analysis, SelectStar makes it easy to get up and running, but also to glean real-time insights into performance on a regular basis.

To truly understand the health and performance of your database environments, SelectStar boasts comprehensive intelligent alerts and expert recommendations. Through this functionality, users gain proactive insight into performance issues — often before they have a negative impact on your end users.


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