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What’s New from SelectStar: API, Query Plans and Universal Time Series Selector

This month for SelectStar, we focused on adding new functionality to improve usability, including the launch of our API, query plans for PostgreSQL databases and enhancement of our Universal Time Series Selector. Check out our summary of what’s new from July below.


Intuitive API

The new API in SelectStar makes it even easier to add new databases, update monitoring configuration and pull metrics. With the API, you can transform SelectStar into an information portal to gather, analyze and manage all of your database data and communicate  to the key stakeholders in your organization.

In addition, the API works with today’s top technology tools like Slack and Tableau to streamline alert sharing without monopolizing your team’s time or resources.


PostgreSQL Query Plans

To enhance our PostgreSQL monitoring capabilities, this month we added query plans.

New functionality in SelectStar includes PostgreSQL Query Plans

Figure 1: Example PostgreSQL query plan now available in SelectStar


With this new functionality, you can easily request and see query plans for your PostgreSQL queries. Dive deeper into query performance with the option to review your query plans right in SelectStar. See where problems and delays may be occurring and how you can improve query performance.


Universal Time Series Selector

The Universal Time Series Selector allows you to troubleshoot time-based performance issues throughout multiple dashboards and pages, without having to set time multiple times.

This is perhaps one of the most popular additions from this month — allowing you to compare performance over time or create group experiments to identify key issues impacting performance. As a result, you can see the details that matter most to drive better performance across your database solutions.


Activity Tab and Page

In July, we added a new feature called Activity. Many customers needed more information around changes for their database and organization — and we’ve added the activity tab and page to respond to this need.

It is available in three key places in SelectStar:

  • Each alert captures historical information like team comments and assignment
  • All databases now feature an activity tab that houses information about key activity for the database, like the alerts and recommendations that are triggered
  • The activity page features global information about the organization like new collectors, new team members, team comments and database connection changes


See how you can track activity in SelectStar

Figure 2: Example of activity detail on an alert


This new functionality will make it easier for your team to collaborate around database performance issues. Future development plans include the addition of more activity events and notifications. 


In addition to the functionality highlighted above, we created a new tab that makes configuration information available. With all of these new features, we didn’t forget about our MongoDB users. MongoDB now highlights health and performance of all nodes, routers and of course, databases. For a full list of our key releases in July, see our release notes here.


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